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as much as she loves 

the great outdoors

About Me

Hi, I'm Lexi


Hi all! I'm Lexi, a twenty-something year old female pediatric occupational therapist who happens to love the outdoors.  & gyros & mac and cheese.& popcorn. Clothing designed for outdoor adventures doesn't fit me, and although I am physically able to hike the same hikes as most hikers, hiking clothes aren't made for me. Hence the realization that I am a plus-size hiker.



Fat people hike.  Simple as that.  

Outdoor retailers don't cater to us, but we're here, and we're not going away.  

We deserve equal representation, we deserve to feel empowered, we deserve clothes that fit us.  Amen.

Get Outside


Advocacy is not something that I have ever really been good at.  But by hiking, taking pictures, and calling it like it is, (I'm fat and I hike) I hope to advocate for a more diverse outdoors. Nature is an escape for everyone of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors, not just instagram models.  Please, no matter your species, get out there and enjoy nature. You'll be better for it.

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